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About us


Our adventure started when my wife fell in love with embroidery. I have to admit I was instantly intrigued and it wasn't long before I fell in love with embroidery myself. Very quickly, my wife and I built a business together. We named it Averill Embroidery. 

Our business is a little different than most. My wife creates most of the artwork herself and does all the digitizing in house. Because of that, we never charge a digitizing fee or artwork fee. 

We quickly moved on to adding all kinds of processes and before long we were printing t-shirts, coffee mugs, cell phone cases, license plate frames, you name it! 

Most exciting of all, we've been allowed to become an Authorized Scentsy Vendor. What does that mean? It means we can mass produce promotional products for Scentsy Consultants! How exciting is that?

We look forward to creating something wonderful for you soon!

Jim & Cherie